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What's the Buzz?

green fly face

The beautiful green fly has something to share.

green fly with wings

She has news of what's happening.

inside of fly is a shoe

Please don't shoo fly before she tells you

about upcoming events.

I will be participating in the Flemington Fine Artisans Show on Sunday, October 30. 10:00 am to 4:00 pm at the Stangl Factory. There is plenty of free parking and admission to the show is free! Click on the cards for more information on the Flemington Fine Artisans Show.



I was asked to do an interview on Hot in Hunterdon with Georjean Trinkle. Inna Dzhani and Shelia Fernekes are artists who do a fabulous job organizing and running the show. They give an overview of this year's artisans. Just click on Hot in Hunterdon to listen. It is an hour show. To hear my introduction, go to 28.20. To hear my interview, go to 35.19. I want to thank Inna, Shelia and Georjean for this opportunity.

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