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It's May!

It's May! The lovely month of May! The torrential downpours finally subsided on Sunday just

in time for Mother's Day. I decided to venture outside and enjoy the sun. Surprise! The dark clouds rolled in and it rained. I ran inside when low and behold, out popped the sun. I got a towel, wiped off my seat and basked in the sunshine.

The weather did make the flowers bloom. It was a pleasure to my senses to smell the fresh scents, see the beauty, hear the sounds, and, yes, feel the rain on my face.

My daughter, Julia, had everyone to her place for Mother's Day. She just moved into a cottage with a spectacular view. It was three generations of creative moms celebrating life.

My mom did oil painting, pastels and played the piano. She now takes drawing classes and makes cards.

Julia is a wiz at math. She gardens, cans, cooks and writes a blog, Simplicity for Julia. Click on the red words to get to her site.

I hope each of you had a day of celebrating life. Celebrating creativity and celebrating you!

You still have time to sign up for my Decorative Box Workshop at Dick Blick. It's Sunday,

May 21 from 1:00 to 4:00.

is approaching. It will be at the Stangl Factory,

Sunday and Monday. May 28 to May 29. You

can make a day of it. There are retail outlets at

Liberty Village. If nature is your love visit the

Deer Path Park.

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