Happy New Year! (and thank you)

August 4, 2018



The start of school had always been a new year for me.  It was a time for a fresh start.  New subjects, new friends, new ideas, and of course new clothes.  I remember trying to reinvent myself. I would vow to change my study habits and become very serious.  No matter how hard I tried, I went back to my old ways.  




What's my point?  Well, I was thinking about when I started pursuing my art career.  Painting was my interest.  My artworks contained esoteric references and "deep thought provoking" meaning.  I was in the midst of creating a highly intellectual piece when I realized I needed fish bones.  That's when I discovered polymer clay.










I joined the Philadelphia Area Polymer Clay Guild. The guild has show and tell.  I wanted to try my hand at making containers.  Why not just have fun, I thought.  That's when I created "The Sky is Falling!"  My guild friends/mentors loved it.  I remember Martha Aleo said, "Eileen, this is great.  This is you!" It was then that I realized that I must listen to my inner creative voice.  And you, dear friend, you know when my work is honest.  I thank you! 







                                                  HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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