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It's Spring!

dark blue iris

The days are getting longer. The weather is warmer and the flowers are blooming. Spring inspires us to tape into our creative energy. It dares us to try new things.

My friend, Britany, asked if I'd like to take a class on pysanky eggs. Pysanky eggs are Ukrainian Easter eggs. The word pysanka is derived from pysaty which means to write. The eggs are "written on" using wax resist to decorate with traditional Ukrainian folk designs.

pencil points in egg
pencil lines on egg

We were given a hollow egg. Paul, the instructor had divided the egg into eight sections with pencil. The students had to divide the egg into sixteen sections.

wax tool

Here is tool used to "write" on

the egg. The cardboard is used

to test how the wax flows out of

the pen tip.

bee's wax

These small pieces of bee's

wax are put in the pen.


There is a flame used to melt

the wax in the pen. You can see

that the wax has been applied to

the egg.

The egg after it was in the yellow dye.


Now a coat of wax on the areas that I want to stay yellow.

Here are the next steps.




The finished egg.

I had a lot of fun learning a new technique. The instructor, Paul Corinchock, was very encouraging. Paul's next workshop will be July 12 at the Tamaqua Community Arts Center. (click to get the information)


arts walk

I will be in The Gallery at St. John's. I'd love to see you! You can pick up maps for the tour at the ACE Information Tent in Easton Center Square. It will be located on Northampton and South 3rd Streets.

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