March Snows


On Monday this murder appeared in my backyard. My husband is an observer of nature. He discovered that when crows gather, there will be bad weather in two to three days. The crows where right again! Wednesday we got about 14 inches of frozen fluff.

Turned on the lights and went

down to my studio. Man, it was


I tried to look out the window only to find them

covered with snow.

With less distractions, more work was done!

There were Skinner blends

which were used to create

some canes.

I sculpted a face to use for a mold.


Thursday I dressed in my winter gear and headed off to visit my grandchild for the day. We had fun trouncing through the snow.

My daughter came home from work and treated my grandchild and me to dinner at Saucony Creek Gastropub. We were sipping our beer when I spied a unicorn! To find where you can see this mythical beast while drinking magical beer, click on the unicorn.

I heard the weather and there' a 70% chance of......................................

Oh my, I just can't say it! I think it's a good time to finish my sun. Maybe it will

entice Spring to come!

#polymerclay #snow #saucinycreekgastropub

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