I just came back from Clayathon. It was 5 glorious days of claying, learning and community!

The guest artist was Lindly Haunani. She is an expert in color theory and polymer clay.

I made leaves for an upcoming installation piece for Laura Tabakman and Emily Squires Levine. You can follow Emily or Laura for further developments. I will make sure you get the details as they unfold!

I was experimenting with surface design. This is the start of a teapot. Coptic marker was used over white clay and then carved. Translucent clay with red embossing powders was used. It needs to be sanded and buffed before I continue. I will post my progress in the next blog. (I also post on Instagram).

My muses were keeping me active. Along with the surface designs, there were small 2 inch fish and birds. I like the way they turned out. There will be more of these little guys appearing in the future.

Time to unpack and face reality..........

Looking out my back door tonight.


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