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I Need Your Help!

Critter with no name

This is my newest member of my polymer posse. I know I shouldn't have favorites but look how cute this critter is! Here's my dilemma. I don't know what to name it and I need your help. Let me tell you about this creature.

Little Critter right profile

It is a very good listener. I have never been interupted by it as it hangs on my every word. Such a joy to have this little one appreciate one's wisdom!

little critter front view

The thing is loyal with a wonderful sense of humor. I find this

being to bring out my creativity.

No name top view

This creature can hold things for you such as ideas, flowers, straight pins, peanuts, feathers, ear plugs, spiders, spirits, bubble gum, or wishes.

You might want to meet this critter up close. The little critter is a guest at Dick Blick, South Mall, Emmaus, PA. Once you have a name for him, fill out the entry blank at Dick Blick. The names will be judged by the expert staff of the store to determine the winner. "Eileen, What's in it for me?" Why, I'm glad you asked, my friend.

sun box closed
open sun box with talisman

The winner will receive a

Sun Box!

Entries will be taken until July 3. The winner will be announced July 8. The sun box will be on view at Dick Blick.


Can't get in to enter? Send me an email!

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