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Allentown Symphony, Carmina Burana

The Allentown Symphony preformed one of my favorite musical works, Carmina Burana. It was a combined effort of the Allentown Symphony, Allentown Symphony Chorus and the Bel Canto Children's Chorus of the Bach Choir of Bethlehem. It was a stunning production. Carmina Burana is based on 13th century poems written by the Goliards who were German clergy attacking the defects of the church. They wrote satirical Latin poetry depicting physical love, drinking, gambling and raucous living (of which they freely participated).

Monk, Brother Daniel

I would like you to meet my little man. I had come to a stop in my creation because the little guy wouldn't let me know who he was. Oh, I tried to pry it out of him but he kept being allusive. Was he a monk? A traveler? A sage? I left him to his solitude and went to the symphony. It was at the performance of Carmina Burana that my muse came.

My man was not a monk or a traveler or a sage. He was a seeker! Yes, my muse was right! I went home and finished .............

Dennis, the Tooth Seeker


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