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heron puzzle reps my new right knee

I am proud to announce the arrival of my new right knee! The surgeon, Dr. Anbari, worked his magic two weeks ago. I am now at home doing my physical therapy.

I was using my walker (which I named Warren) exclusivley for the first

The studio is calling

week. Warren assisted getting me around the first floor but I needed something more. I was feeling the call of my studio which is downstairs. Warren couldn't help me fulfill my needs. That was when I was tempted by a new aid.

Sir Reginald Q. Kaine of Briarwood

I decided to look beyond Warren for my desires. Then Sir Reginald Q. Kaine of Briarwood appeared. It was magic! He has taken me to the place of my dreams, gently guiding my down the steps to my creative haven.

When I finally arrived at my table, I didn't know

to begin. Suns? Ornaments? Figures? Teapots?

Character pots? My little heart was bursting with


My studio at last!

Adieu, Warren

As for Warren, he is off to help the next needy patient. I will always remember him as I bid him a fond adieu.

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