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Workshop at Small Joys Studio

I gave a workshop on surface design at Small Joys Studio in Flemington, NJ last Sunday. We experimented using transluscent clay, metal leafing, carving and drawing on the clay. Ellen Marshall, author and clay artist, gave some demonstarations on surface design at Clayathon. I spoke to her and asked if I could share some of her methods for using alcohol inks and pastel on clay. She graciously said to share her ideas with the world! My class was lucky to have these methods added to the workshop. Thank you Ellen Marshall!

This is Julianne trying her hand at smoothing out the clay surface before baking.

Small Joys Studio is having workshops in different mediums year round. If you are interested in picking up a new skill, let Inna know. She would like to know what workshops you would be interested in taking. The website is

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