Weekend Happenings

My friend, Jeanne Petrosky, is a paper artist. She had asked if I was interested in the origami exhibit at the Allentown Art Museum. It is an outstanding show. I had read about Erik and Martin DeMaine in American Craft Magazine. This father and son duo took their love of math and translated it into beautiful paper sculptures. We also viewed Designing for the Loom: Drawings by William Geskes I have a favorite artwork at each museum I frequent. Allentown Art Museum is no exception! Game Stall at Market, 1625/37 Oil on canvas Studio of Frans Snyders

It's Spring!

The days are getting longer. The weather is warmer and the flowers are blooming. Spring inspires us to tape into our creative energy. It dares us to try new things. My friend, Britany, asked if I'd like to take a class on pysanky eggs. Pysanky eggs are Ukrainian Easter eggs. The word pysanka is derived from pysaty which means to write. The eggs are "written on" using wax resist to decorate with traditional Ukrainian folk designs. We were given a hollow egg. Paul, the instructor had divided the egg into eight sections with pencil. The students had to divide the egg into sixteen sections. Here is tool used to "write" on the egg. The cardboard is used to test how the wax flows out of the p

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