March Snows

MURDER IN THE TREES! On Monday this murder appeared in my backyard. My husband is an observer of nature. He discovered that when crows gather, there will be bad weather in two to three days. The crows where right again! Wednesday we got about 14 inches of frozen fluff. Turned on the lights and went down to my studio. Man, it was dark! I tried to look out the window only to find them covered with snow. With less distractions, more work was done! There were Skinner blends which were used to create some canes. I sculpted a face to use for a mold. Success! Thursday I dressed in my winter gear and headed off to visit my grandchild

Gallery Opening

Thanks to everyone who came out for the gallery opening at THE GALLERY AT ST. JOHN'S This is Ron Hess. He works in acrylics and is inspired by the sights of Bethlehem, PA Rhemy M. Golab, left, print maker. Annette Stoody ,right, is standing beside her micro macrame necklace. The acrylics are done by Lady Colleen Heller Alrefai, left. Eileen Nuyen,right, does book art. My number one fan, my mom. To my mom's left are Margo and her husband, Carl, enjoying the show. Margo is a student of mine. I was happy to see them! Glen Solosky is talking to my mom about a painting she just purchased from him. Glen paints in the style of the Hudson Valley River School. The show wi

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